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Collab is a cloud-based tool designed to collaborate teams working remotely. Being a standalone platform to conduct audio/video conferencing, handle document management, assign & track tasks, share calendar, etc. – Collab can be used to share ideas, plan executions, manage teams, & share information to get work done.

Private or Team Chat

One-on-one instant messaging, team chats, and project chats with quick file-sharing that includes image files (PNG, JPG, and GIF), videos, Word, Excel, PDF, & PowerPoint. Above all, the chat rooms are password protected and team members are invited by sharing a link.

HD Audio / Video Conferencing

Make or attend audio/video conferencing with up to 1500 people instantly. No downloads, no plugins, all you need is just sharing a link. Its features include high definition, intelligent noise reduction, screen sharing, whiteboard, & presentation mode that facilitates discussions without disrupting meetings. Also, it supports the automatic recording of meeting notes.

Project Management

Define projects, plan & assign tasks, set workflows, associate timeline calendars, and upload & share related documents. Add comments, and organize dashboards for review and approvals of tasks. Also, you can track and assess the progress of projects & productivity of resources. In case of missed timelines, send automatic reminders.

Shared & Personal Calendar With a fairly simple user-interface, Collab lets you create personal and group calendars to manage the organization’s schedule & to-dos. It syncs with Google calendars and lets you import contacts’ birthdays & other calendars like holidays Calendar.

Create, manage, edit & share documents online within Collab. You can also hold meetings to collaborate over the document itself. Documents are assets of businesses. Therefore, Collab has taken care of its security as well.

Track tasks’ progress and activities of your teams or individual team members. You can also apply different filters to track activities project-wise or as you desire!
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Built-in Email

Email app identifies company mail server configuration automatically; no matter you are using a self-hosted or 3rd party email services like Gmail, Outlook, etc. and configures the email on your first login.

Team Time Tracking

We understand how important is it to know where your team’s time is being spent. Collab automatically records the time spent by resources and reports back to the team-lead. It makes your job a whole lot easier.

Team Activity Tracker

Track activities with ease. Filter activities by the team, team members, or even by an app like meetings attended, or files downloaded, etc. The activity tracker in collab is an auto-pilot that keeps collecting the activities by users for reporting purposes.

Built-in File Management

A full-blown document management system comes pre-packed with collab. Version control, directory view, document sharing, document editing, and many other features are ready-to-use right outside the box!


Never miss a meeting or a timeline again! Get notifications on mobile, computer, tablet and any other device that you are hiding there!

No Coding Dashboards & Reports

Collab also works as a Business Intelligence tool. Pull data from remote databases like your ERP, CRM, etc. or use the data in Collab to prepare your auto-refreshing dashboards in minutes!

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Collab is a one of kind of tool that helps you build and integrate applications without any coding knowledge

Collab is one of the most secure platform to store your documents, meet online, and communicate within your team. We affirm to GDPR and other stringent data safety certifications.
Just register on this page and we will create a new app-site for you with your company’s name as the domain name. Collab is completely online and you use it with any device that has a browser (literally any) without the need to download any application.
With standard setup, we offer online training for 2 hours (you probably will never need it). But don’t worry, there is a whole lot of documentation available for the tool online with videos and study materials.

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Collab has helped me to manage my distributed teams in 12 states across the country. We never miss any documents again and Collab is integrated with our ERP so it is better than what we could have asked for!

Mr. SekharDirector, Agastya Agro Ltd.

Simple to use collaboration tool that really helped me in connecting with coworkers, customers and outside vendors. It drastically saved my travel costs and time associated with in-person meetings. Keeping projects on time and the business moving forward in COVID-19 wouldn’t have been possible without Collab.

Mr. Anchal AgrawalBusinessman

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